Guidelines for in-person events

from Left Edge Theatre

Health and Safety Protocols


Under new guidelines provided by the state of California, we have opened our doors. Here are the guidelines and other ways LET is proceeding with in-person events.

* Health and Safety Protocols

• Left Edge has a total capacity of 72. We will operate at full capacity.

• All guests may self identify their vaccination status.

• Vaccinated audience members are are not required to wear mask but may choose to for personal reasons.

• Unvaccinated audience members must wear masks.

• All cast, crew and staff members will be fully vaccinated.

• The performers may be unmasked but must be at least 6 feet away from the audience.

•  There are no social distancing requirements for audience members.



To prepare for the return of in-person performances, Left Edge Theatre has

• Invested in a UV light system for our HVAC that reduces the potential spread of COVID-19

• Developed strict cleaning and disinfection protocols to be used between each performance

• Increased cleaning for the lobby and restroom.

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