Life on the Left Edge

I love theatre and the power it has to unite us. It can illuminate our better nature and push the boundaries of convention. To me, there are only a few more honorable professions. But, I’m not good at any of those. ;)

I love Northern California, specifically Sonoma County. Many of you know I am a fourth-generation native. The awe inspiring natural beauty that surrounds us paired with the open-minded, truth-seeking, creative individuals who live here make it an unparalleled place to live.

"Stage Left" was a short movie made about theatre in the Bay Area outlining the history of progressive theatre in Northern California from the early 60s to now, and the impact it had on our nation.

Two of the interviews from the movie influenced me while crafting our new theatre venture. First, Tony Taccone said, “You can’t go any farther left than here. It breeds different things. It breeds the human imagination.” And Robin Williams said, “We have unusual people. Really on the edge. Because we live on the edge. Not only the ocean. But on a fault line.”

I have arrived at a time and place in life where I am compelled to do the things I love, say the things I believe are true, with the people I care about. To experience as much meaning and enjoyment from this existence as possible is what I call “Living on the Left Edge.”


Getting ready for Seminar


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Tuesday, 20 August 2019