How to use Zoom

with Left Edge Theatre

1. When you order your tickets, you will get a Zoom link and password to enjoy the webinar / live production. [ We send the password and link one week, one day and one hour before showtime.]

2. Before your performance date please go to and download and install the application. It is free.

3. Please sign into Zoom with the provided link and password.  We open the Zoom room 15 minutes before showtime for you to become acclimated.

Advanced Zoom Tips

Once you are let in from the waiting room, you will be greeted with pre-show music and a virtual playbill. Adjust your volume to hear the music.  


Our Zoom shows are designed to be watched in full screen, so please adjust your window to occupy your full screen.

We have disabled your camera and microphone, to make a smoother more reliable performance for all.  But, feel free to use the Chat Window before the show, at any intermissions and after the show.

After the show there are often post show discussions, where we allow you to turn on cameras and microphones. 

If you have questions use the RAISE HAND function and someone from our team will try and assist.

Experiencing TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES?  Try quitting Zoom, restarting Zoom and logging back in. This will usually resolve most issues.

Dream Ticket

You will receive email reminders from us with link and password one week, one day and one hour before your showtime. 


If not, make sure your spam filter is set to receive emails from


Having troubles. Please email

Subscribers and VIP ticket buyers can join the cast and crew at the

After Party in the GREEN ROOM.

need your link?


"I.T. Have you tried turning it off and on again? Are you sure it's plugged in?"