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John Craven

John has served as an actor and/or director for several local theaters over the span of almost forty years, including various incarnations at Cinnabar Theater, the original Actors’ Theater, 6th Street Playhouse, Spreckels, Porchlight Theater of Marin, The Imaginists and several others in the Bay Area. For the last eight years, John has been a core member of Main Stage West in Sebastopol, with frequent appearances there. Some favorite roles over the latter years include: Patrick Bronté in The Bronté Cycle at The Clarence Brown Theater in Knoxville, Tennessee; Davies in The Caretaker co-produced with The Imaginists Theater; the Preacher in The Grapes of Wrath at The 6th Street Playhouse; Dr. Dorn in The Seagull at Porchlight Theater of Marin; Dodge in Buried Child and The Bishop in Heathen Valley at Main Stage West. In more recent years, John has been cast in a few films, principally in Ian Old’s Burn Country; also in Mario Furloni and Kate Mclean’s short, Marty, as well as a new feature film, Freeland, due out in 2020. Finally, for twenty-seven years, John was the founder and co-director of the Art Quest Theater Arts program at Santa Rosa High School. He now has the great pleasure of working with many of those young actors as colleagues. “That’s the best!”

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