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Meet the Playwrights
and Creatives

Hindsight 2022


The second annual new short play festival. This year we received 243 short plays from 5 continents. Our play reading committee selected 9 finalists. This years theme is WHAT IS TRUE CONNECTION? After (and frankly, currently) collectively experiencing the reality of the pandemic - often in solitude and distanced from our loved ones - what does it mean for us to be connected now?

FEB 25-27

Feb 25 at 7pm

Feb 26 at 1pm

Feb 26 at 4pm

Feb 27 at 2pm

IMPORTANT HEALTH AND SAFETY REMINDER: Audiences must show proof of vaccination (vaccination card, copy of card or photo on mobile device are accepted) to enter. Audience members not able to show proof of vaccination will not be admitted. ALL AUDIENCE MEMBERS MUST BE MASKED. All left Edge Theatre staff and performers are vaccinated.

Act One

Performance Anxiety

By David Lipschutz, 

Chicago, IL

A man thinks he is going into a work Zoom call like any other day, but this time Zoom seems to have a mind of its own.

and for your last breath?

By Emily Russell,

Palo Alto, CA

Two 20-somethings in Berkeley wake up on Sept 9, 2020 to a red-orange sky. With wildfires outside pushing them to evacuate, and COVID forcing them to stay in, the two contemplate what it means to face the absurd, apocalyptic world together.

The Multiverse

By Wendy Gough Soroka,

Los Angeles, CA

In "The Mulitverse" three people reveal the devastating effects of inhabiting an entirely different universe from those closest to us.

Love, from Space

By Maxwell Plata,

Tempe, AZ

Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth upon which resettlement ships take lucky survivors to a space shuttle, Two sisters, faced with the reality that they may never see one another again, reminisce, share their fears, and comfort one another.

Act Two

Guten Tag, Baby!

By Scott C. Sickles, 

Forest Hills, NY 

A family visits the place where their grandmother met the love of her life. The connective tissue is memory: of the truths that were told and the secrets that were concealed.

The God Part

By Dana Leslie Goldstein,

Brooklyn, NY

The characters have each lost their spouses, and they are lucky enough to have a second chance at love. But can they find trust and true intimacy for a second time.

Slow Dating

By Adam Szudrich,


When an elderly lady tries speed dating it leads to a night with a charming stranger and a heartbreaking revelation about her husband.


By Lindsey Brown,

New Zealand

This play deals with being connected with oneself - specifically through the art of yoga. However, the ability to connect is much harder than we think..

Deep Breath

By Greg Vovos,

Cleveland, Ohio

How do we communicate with people we know, strangers we don't, is it safer to just be alone? Can we remember what it means to be human, presuming we even knew to begin with?

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